Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Maps Car

Up until the other day I just assumed google maps street view was just magic.  Well I'm sorry to disapoint people, there is no magic but there is a really cute car.  I was pulling out of my driveway when this little car zoomed behind me.  I turned to see who this rude person was.  I was pleasently supprised to see this cute little car with a big red ball on a poll on its roof.  When I relized it was a Google Maps car I of course had to chase him down for a picture.  Let me tell you this driver must have driven race cars in his last profession.  He was speeding all over my neighborhood, or maybe he was trying to get away from the crazy lady chasing him taking pictures.  Have you ever seen a Google Maps car?


  1. Hi there thank you for stopping by. I am now following you lovely blog.

  2. I would have chased him down too! lol thats such a cutie patootie car